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The complete Call for Papers is available for download in PDF or TXT format.
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The CBSE symposium has emerged as the flagship research event for the component community. CBSE 2013 encompasses research (both theoretical and applied) that extends the state-of-the-art in component specification, composition, analysis, testing, and verification. Experience reports, empirical studies and presentation of component-based benchmarks and case studies are also within scope. Participants from industry and academia have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in a variety of sessions involving invited and technical presentations, panels, and so on.

New trends in global services, distributed systems architectures, dynamically adaptable systems, and large-scale software systems often cross organizational boundaries and push the limits of established component-based methods, tools and platforms. Innovative solutions from diverse paradigms (e.g., service-, aspect-, and agent-oriented) are needed to address these emerging trends.

Main Topics

Topics of interest for CBSE 2013 therefore include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Specification, architecture, and design of component models and component-based systems
  • Software quality assurance for component-based engineering
  • Verification, testing and certification of component-based systems
  • Component composition, binding, and dynamic adaptation
  • Formal methods for automated component composition and integration
  • Component-based engineering with agents, aspects, or services
  • Component-based product line engineering
  • Non-functional properties (quality of service attributes) in component-based engineering
  • Patterns and frameworks for component-based engineering
  • Tools and methods for component-based engineering
  • Industrial experience using component-based software development
  • Empirical studies in component-based software engineering
  • Teaching component-based software engineering

Special Theme – Components in the wild: from cyber-physical systems to the cloud!

With highly complex and dynamic modern systems such as cloud systems, or cyber-physical systems, component-based software engineering faces new challenges. It will need to provide the ability to add, remove, replace, modify, and assemble components dynamically, during operation. For cyber-physical systems, the strong connection between the computational and physical entities must be recognized, leading to the development of hybrid component frameworks. Such frameworks should be capable to take into account and reason on both the event-based & discrete properties of computational entities and the time-based & continuous properties of physical entities. In a world where automobiles will bring us autonomously from point A to point B before long, component-based software engineering needs to face the challenges of supporting the dynamicity, high interaction, and safety concerns for modern software systems.


Accepted papers will be published by ACM. We are considering a special journal issue that will include extended versions of the best papers of CBSE 2013.

Program Committee

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Paper Submission

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CBSE is kindly supported by ACM SIGSOFT